Halfmoon Steam Observatory

Pictures of the Inside, these pictures are older soon to be replaced

when I get a new camera.


       Insulated Box for the computer          Insulated Box for the LCD monitor

I have since replaced the keyboard and mouse with cordless versions but I have to use lithium batteries when the

temps drop below 10 degrees F. The monitor has a clear fixed piece of plexiglass in front with 1/4" air space, then there is

a 1/4 inch piece of red and 2 - 1/8 inch pieces of gray to change when i want it darker or lighter. I have seen my LCD monitor

get hard to read when it was 15 degrees don't you know it I had changed the power supply and forgot to hook up the heater!


    Telescope pier                          Stairs to observatory

Closed insulated box for computer with                          Foundation to Bottom of Pier         

12v Power Supply Ammeter                                                                                    

Still need a picture of the observatory floor part of the floor swings up and then you enter the observatory no chance of falling down then.

One Cold Night Last Year it was -22 on 1-21-05!!!